Clear aligners vs Braces before your wedding

Getting teeth done before their wedding is an important process for most people as they want to look their best at their most memorable and important day. We have made a quick guide to help you through the process of selecting your treatment before your wedding.

What are the different types of aligners/braces:

Metal braces (bracelets)

Metal braces are the most commonly used braces in orthodontics. They can be stuck  onto the teeth in a visible or discreet manner. They are particularly used in orthodontic applications for children. Adults who are aesthetically inclined want metal braces attached to the back of the teeth.

Metal braces, which are more durable and give the fastest results among braces, are also known to be the most economic option. Colored or clear rubbers are used to hold the wires between the metal braces. Metal braces make the treatment process easier to follow.

Clear braces

Of the braces used in orthodontic treatment in recent years, cosmetic braces are one of the most popular. It is especially recommended for people who do not like the look of metal wires. Although it was not preferred because of its fragility and yellow looks, as it was first made from porcelain, today’s technology has produced durable porcelain wires but also used transparent and durable substrates called sapphires. Cosmetic braces provide comfort to the person during the procedure because they are invisible due to their transparent structure. This option is recommended for people who care about their appearance when choosing braces.

Clear aligners



What is a clear aligner treatment?

Clear aligner treatment is one of the latest technologies in wireless orthodontic treatment. It does not look like a wire because of its transparency; in this respect, it is also known for being very aesthetic. This is also known to be somewhat of a costly treatment, so patients occasionally desire to have them done abroad. Periodonta from Turkey is our clinic of recommendation for the said process. They are known to produce affordable clear aligners and are usually preferred by foreigners who have come to Turkey to get their teeth done.


Invisalign is made according to the position of the teeth to be moved. Each of these plates creates a 0.05 mm translucency zone. The plates are kept on the mouth for 15 days each. After 15 days, it is transferred to another registration.

When the process starts, it is measured with 3D scanners and transmitted to the computer. In a virtual environment, the teeth are moved by a computer simulation. By observing the movements, the production of transparent plates is started with a movement of 0.05 mm. A complete treatment plan is established in the virtual environment, and the result can then be seen in three dimensions.

This treatment can be used for both adults and children. In order to receive Invisalign treatment, it must first be determined whether the patient is suitable for the procedure, which is decided by your orthodontist. Generally speaking, Invisalign can be used for small to medium sized crowding. If tooth extraction is necessary during a person’s orthodontic treatment, the use of Invisalign is not sufficient, and in this case, it is used at this stage.

The biggest advantage of this method is that the patient’s daily life is not affected during the treatment. Since special transparent mouthguards are virtually invisible in the mouth during the procedure, a person can smile as much as they want during the process. These mouthguards can also be easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing and teething. Mouthguards are made of a soft material, not metal, and teeth and gums are not affected as with traditional braces. Age-appropriate wireless braces are a treatment option that can be applied to anyone who meets the relevant criteria.

These clear braces can only be removed at mealtime and must be left in the mouth for an average of 20 hours per day. In addition, you can also take your notes out for a few hours for an important meeting or event.

The duration of Invisalign treatment varies from case to case. Because this process uses computer technology, no force can be applied to areas that do not want to move. Since this treatment is only used for mild to moderate crowding problems, it is prepared and applied in a much shorter time than other orthodontic treatments.

All tartar and decay must be cleaned out before this treatment. Again, all treatments in the mouth must be done before treatment. If necessary, wisdom teeth can be extracted before Invisalign treatment. The orthodontist’s assessment is important here. No action is taken in the mouth after the measurements are taken. After Invisalign treatment is completed, whitening procedures for bridges, implant-supported dentures and teeth whitening can also be performed.

Which is the best for usage before wedding

We recommend the usage of clear aligners for patients before their weddings as it is almost guaranteed to provide the most aesthetic look. You can be sure that you won’t look back at your wedding photographs with regret. You won’t even notice that the clear aligners were even there!